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At Dr. Goodjohn's Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry offices, patients can receive a variety of treatments designed to create a bright, confident smile. Dr. Goodjohn strives to provide her patients with the most advanced, effective procedures. This is why she is especially proud to introduce the gum recontouring procedure – a sophisticated treatment that removes excess gum tissue, enhancing the harmony of the smile. If you would like to learn more about gum recontouring in Los Angeles, peruse the paragraphs below.

Gum Lift: Is It For Me?

Gum recontouring (also referred to as gum lift) is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can make disproportionately short teeth appear longer. Dr. Goodjohn recommends this procedure for individuals who desire to enhance the aesthetic balance of their teeth, gums and lips. By carefully removing gum tissue and/or bone, Dr. Goodjohn can expose more of the teeth surface, thus accentuating the natural beauty of the patient's teeth.

While reasons for overly developed gum tissue vary, some of the more common factors contributing to this condition include genetics and hormonal imbalance. Regardless of the cause, the excess tissue often makes patients feel self-conscious due to their "gummy smile." As a highly experienced Los Angeles gum lift practitioner, Dr. Goodjohn is dedicated to helping patients correct this aesthetic flaw through the gum recontouring procedure.

Gum Lift in Los Angeles

In order to deliver the best possible results, Dr. Goodjohn carefully customizes each gum lift procedure to reflect the patient's aesthetic needs, desires and preferences. Dr. Goodjohn respects her patients' aesthetic wishes, and works diligently to make them become reality. Recognizing that many individuals feel apprehensive about undergoing dental procedures, Dr. Goodjohn thoroughly explains each treatment, and offers appropriate sedatives and pain medications. This approach helps relieve patients' anxiety and leads to a more enjoyable treatment experience.

In addition to helping gum lift Los Angeles patients enhance the beauty of their teeth, Dr. Goodjohn has many years' experience treating Los Angeles porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign and dental crowns patients. Depending on the patient's aesthetic needs and desires, she might combine these procedures into comprehensive treatment plans that help her Los Angeles / Bel Air smile makeover patients achieve remarkable smile transformations.

Before gum lift
After gum lift
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