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Dr. Goodjohn's extensive education and experience allow her to confidently perform an array of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including placement of dental crowns. Dr. Goodjohn recommends and performs dental crowns procedure for patients with one or more damaged teeth that require special protection. By covering the damaged tooth with a custom-made dental "cap," Dr. Goodjohn helps her Los Angeles / Beverly Hills dental crowns patients enhance both their dental function and aesthetics.

Dental Crowns: Are They For Me?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that are placed over the teeth surface. Depending on each patient's dental needs and aesthetic preferences, Dr. Goodjohn can provide all-ceramic crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, and gold crowns. While only a personal consultation with Dr. Goodjohn can help you determine whether you are a dental crowns Los Angeles patient, some of the more common dental problems that can be corrected with crowns include:

  • Excessive decay
  • Cracked tooth
  • Tooth with an unsatisfactory pre-existing crown

Dental Crowns Procedure

Dr. Goodjohn uses advanced technologies and dental materials that allow her to complete the dental crowns procedure in only a few office visits. During the first stage of the procedure, she carefully prepares the tooth and takes a molded impression. This impression is sent to a dental laboratory where a custom-made crown is created. To protect the tooth during this time, Dr. Goodjohn provides patients with temporary crowns. Once the crown has been manufactured, Dr. Goodjohn places it over the damaged tooth. The crown becomes a natural part of the mouth, and does not require any special care.

All-Porcelain Crowns in Los Angeles

As a dedicated cosmetic dentist, Dr. Goodjohn strives to provide her LA dental crowns patients with the latest, most effective treatment options. This is why she is proud to perform the all-porcelain crown procedure. These dental restorations are made of either zirconia or aluminous materials, and are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. In addition, all-porcelain crowns can be made thinner than other dental crowns, which allows Dr. Goodjohn to use all-porcelain crowns in areas with limited space.

Dr. Goodjohn is proud of her reputation as one of the more experienced LA cosmetic dentists. In order to deliver the best possible results for each one of her smile makeover LA patients, Dr. Goodjohn works tirelessly to create customized treatment plans. This approach allows Dr. Goodjohn to consistently create beautiful smiles for all of her dental crowns, dental implants and porcelain veneers Beverly Hills / Los Angeles patients. In addition, she has extensive experience helping Los Angeles teeth whitening and gum lift patients realize their aesthetic desires.

Before Dental Crown
Before Dental Crown
After Dental Crown
After Dental Crown
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